Save the Date:
Ahuna's 12th Family Reunion
July 5-9th
Hana, Mau'i

Aloha ohana! What a "Ahunalous" Weekend!!! So much fun in the sun and rain, laughters so Ahuna loud, smiles so Ahuna big and love so Ahuna proud...We couldn't be more blessed to be an A-H-U-N-A. Damn, we lucky! We truly did miss ALL of you who couldn't be with us this weekend--BIG time! Crossing our finger that that can change for next years reunion...

It made our hearts warm and happy seeing all of our parents together. Sitting amongst each other in their shirts of the rainbow...being treated like King and Queens. It was quit a sight...soooo Ahuna Style; like, soooo "one in a million".

Mahalo, Mahalo, Mahalo, and Mahalo to our Cousins, Leina'ala, Pi'ilani, Kahea and Keli'i for running with the Ahuna baton and playing a very super duper important roll in making our 11th Reunion BOMB! Let alone, happen...BTW, Did we say Mahalo Committee 2017...? :) Mahalo once again so much...The Fantastic Four duo you did an amazing job. We know it wasn't easy being that we're all over the World, living, working, and raising our families; however you all planned accordingly, stuck it out, and did what an Ahuna would have done...you made something with "nothing", heehee...;) Kidding...An Ahuna motto...We're pros like dat! Love... 

So, what can we tell you other than...our parents, aunties and uncles are most definitely...KUPUNA Status! And not in a sad or old way...but rather in a "Well Deserved" way...All those years of them being behind the scenes: planning, coordinating, decorating, cooking, making memories for us to enjoy, cherish and relish...you know, making Ahuna Magic. Now, we're THEM, ha! It's our turn, da' "OG" cousins taking over to give back to our parents, our heroes as well as the next generation (our keiki's) what our parents gave to and instilled within us: The importance of Family, the power and greatness of love, and the best, funnest times evah!!! Woot woot! 

I know our memories as children are floored with family time and gatherings when all we did was run around the aina, play in papa's ginger patches, get dirty, eat until our opū's was full, swam until we was as papa'a as the rocks (as Leina said, ha!) enjoyed our parents playing Vanna White, listening to Hokulani 4, being shame when doing family talent shows and performances, and crying when it was time to part.
Being that we are the Next Ahuna Top Planners we need to have as many Family Reunions as possible, meaning Every year from today! You feel us?! Parents getting old and we're getting older. All about carrying on...Boom Kanani! 

With that said we want to introduce to you our Ahuna's 12th Family Reunion Committee for 2018...(Tahition Roll please...?) The Fantastic Seven...Cousins Patricia of Kapolei, Jr Boy of San Diego, Waikiki of Wailuku, Jun, Taina, Ashley and Keala of Hana. We are totally excited and honored to be handed our Gingers and Ti-leaf batons today and we shall aim to please...

You can update yourselves here on our blog and on Instagram. Social media is how we roll these days and our Ahuna Cuzin Group Page on Facebook is still up running and active as well. We have high hopes that by having a blog, Instagram, email, fb and text available our communication and news updates will be smoother, more efficient and simply that much easier with the click of a button. Please do and feel free in sharing any comments, concerns and/or ideas using the contact info below.

Ahuna ohana forever! 

Patricia, JR, Waikiki, Ashley, Taina, Jun and Keala.

Instagram: @ahunaohana
Email: ahuna2018@gmail.com
Cell/text: 808-866-9773

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